Investment Story

  1. Global leader in flexible foam for the insulation of technical equipment, supported by a highly diversified customer base and geography
  2. Resilient end markets with continued growth prospects led by secular growth drivers for the insulation market and the substitution of legacy insulation materials
  3. Highly automated asset light business model with a global scalable manufacturing footprint
  4. Superior process technology and operational know-how coupled with hard-to-master production process further protecting market leadership
  5. Long track record of growth, superior profitability, cash generation and deleveraging
  6. Highly experienced management team that has positioned Armacell to outperform

Financing Strategy

Armacell’s financing strategy is geared towards further dynamic growth and is based on a mix of debt financing. Financing pillars are sufficiently flexible in order to adapt to changing market conditions.

Ownership Structure

Blackstone, one of the world’s leading investment firms, is the majority shareholder of Armacell. KIRKBI A/S, the holding and investment company of the Danish Kirk Kristiansen family, together with the senior management team of Armacell hold the remainder of the shares.