Energy Efficiency - Much Easier than You Think

Insulation is the key to increasing energy efficiency – in commercial and residential buildings, in industrial applications and in the oil and gas industry. When energy is generated, transported or stored, part of the valuable resource gets lost if the equipment is not insulated or poorly insulated.

Did you know that buildings are the single largest factor in enegry consumption in the world? The energy used to heat, cool and light our buildings accounts for more than 40% of all CO2 emissions. Up to 25% of this energy could be saved just by insulating accessible heating and hot-water pipes in old buildings.

In view of steadily increasing energy costs and stricter energy-saving laws, regulations and emission rules, insulation will play an increasingly important role in future. When it comes to costs, technical insulation materials are providing a more and more rapid return on investment in both building and industrial applications. This means that of all energy saving measures, technical insulation offers the highest profitability and is the most cost-efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions.

More than EUR 3.5 billion could be saved if all industrial plants in Europe were properly insulated.

Armacell’s insulation materials for mechanical equipment in buildings and industry have proven themselves millions of times all over the world. As a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has demonstrated, Armaflex saves 140 times more energy and 150 times more greenhouse gas than is required for its production. We provide a wide range of product solutions – from pre-insulated solar pipes to special cryogenic insulation systems for LNG technology.– Armacell’s solutions offer superior long-term thermal efficiency at a low marginal cost.

Learn more about the enormous potential of technical insulation in industry from the EiiF video: