Students at Armacell – CAPEX Process Management live


Jasmin, Hanna, Lara and Benjamin are students of Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Muenster. The group is completing their last semester working on a project  in cooperation with a company. They chose Armacell to combine theory and the practical experience with a project regarding “Capital Investment Process Flow Improvement“.

This project is interesting for us, because we considered process management as a topic that is worth learning how to apply in practice.

"At the university our theoretical knowledge has been completed with case studies of course, but in order to experience potential challenges, you have to work in addition on a real project".

With that, Jasmin has already summed up the win-win situation that makes the cooperation successful.  “We have the opportunity to bring our theoretical knowledge to life, gain practical experience and widen our network.”

Six different companies had projects they wanted to realize with a student group. All these companies and their projects were presented to us and we could choose, which of them would be most interesting for us, Hanna explains.

The students decided to dedicate themselves to the process management project that Armacell offered. Supervised by International Fulfillment Controller, Linus Hahn, Focus Improvement Manager Manfred Vogler and Professor Carsten Feldmann, the students are working on the optimization of the handling of Investment Requests.

Their goal is to identify improvement potentials and optimize the workflow of capital expenditure requests. The improved process will have worldwide impact on traceability of requests and speed of handling the requests.

“It is good to see, how theoretical knowledge can be adopted into practice. It helps us to keep in mind that what we learn at the university indeed is necessary and useful even outside the campus. Furthermore we improve skills like organizational and presentation skills in English”.

Armacell can benefit from the students as well: With their own way of thinking they bring in fresh knowledge, provide a new, external look on the issue, and, last but not least, help to optimize the process.

Lara explains how the student team intends to proceed: “We already held a kick-off presentation for the team and our professor. At the moment we are analyzing the status quo. The next steps will be the development of a target process and an interim presentation which we will be hold in English. Finally, we will provide Armacell with a recommendation on how to optimize the process flow of Capital Investments.”