Anand Murty “Being part of a successful team or leading it in challenging situations – that’s what makes me enjoy my work every day.”


It has been more than a decade since Anand joined Armacell in 2003 as Technical Manager. Before that he had worked in the fiberglass reinforcement division of a building materials company for around 5 years.

Since he had been introduced to Armacell in 2003, Anand has gained vast experience in many different roles: Only one year after joining Armacell, Anand took over additional responsibility for Sales. Later, when Armacell set up the manufacturing facility in Pune, India, in the year 2006, Anand was asked to lead the manufacturing team in order to commission and stabilize the process.

After having successfully achieved this goal he went back to Sales & Marketing and worked as Product and Technical Manager. In 2013, when the plant in Pune had to deal with scrap, quality and operation challenges, Anand was again requested to lead the manufacturing area as a Plant Manager.

One of the challenges that I feel proud of together with my team is improving Pune plant twice: During the set up and again in 2013. Being part of a successful team or leading it in challenging situations – that’s what makes me enjoy my work every day.

After leading this project successfully, in July 2015, Anand took over the position as Technical Training Manager for APAC. “What I like about my current role is training as well as representing Armacell in various technical and marketing forums.”

In his new role, Anand utilizes his technical competence and vast experience in various fields to enhance the technical knowledge of his colleagues in Sales and Marketing teams. He also represents Armacell in various technical & marketing forums.

For the future, Anand is keen to continue working successfully with Armacell. “I would like to continue and be part of the global Armacell family that cares about the welfare of its employees and gives opportunities to grow. That’s why I am sure that Armacell will continue to be a successful company and I wish my colleagues the same in their personal career.”