Employee Story Karl Paetz-Lauter – “After almost 30 years at Armacell, it is natural to feel a strong connection.”

Karl Paetz-Lauter

"What I always liked about my job are the opportunities that people have at Armacell," says Karl Paetz-Lauter, VP Research & Innovation.

Offering chances to grow has a long tradition in our company. Even very early in the Armstrong era, I was able to take responsibility for tasks that I would hardly even have come close to in other companies with the position I had back then. ‘You can make a difference’ has always been true – even in those days.

Karl joined the company in 1987. He had many different positions, including HR, Quality Management, Technical Customer Service, Marketing, Technical Foams and more besides. Now he is Vice President for Research & Innovation and holds a key position in Research and Development. These various career steps have led him to many incidents to remember.

"Tempus fugit, amor manet – Time flies but love endures. After almost 30 years in this company, it is natural to feel a strong connection. There are so many situations that I have in good memories. Like when I spent a long evening with our former President, Ulrich Weimer, working on a name and a logo for our new company after we left Armstrong Insulation. After we agreed on Armacell, we quickly reached a consensus on the green ‘C’, which is still integral part of the logo today."

Looking back on his career with Armacell Karl recognizes lots of changes that helped Armacell to further develop.

"The green swoosh in our Logo that Ulrich and me drew from the globe to the company name has gone. Many other by far more significant things have changed as well. I’m pleased to be able to say that the company’s direction today shows the very thing that we lacked for some time: a clear, strategic orientation that is pursued with a sustainable, disciplined and value-driven approach. It’s a success that is also reflecting in our results."