Bianca Fischer, Monika Trojanowska-Tomczak & Birgit Heller: Science is highly relevant for Armacell and therefore scientists are as well. The development of high performance products requires a lot of knowledge, research and expertise.

From left to right: Bianca Fischer, Monika Trojanowska-Tomczak & Birgit Heller

That’s why our Development Center consists of different teams that work together as a strong scientific unit. Thermoplastic Materials, Elastomeric Materials, Advanced Materials and Testing – each of these departments deals with specialized topics, which require qualified experts. We want to introduce three of our specialists: Please meet our Women in Science.

Bianca is part of the Advanced Materials Team and works with Armacell as Project Chemist. She helps to develop new innovate insulation products and to find the perfect method for quality control of different compounds and materials.

Currently I’m working on the development of a new group of material for the insulation sector. The first step is a feasibility study that includes processing of the material and investigation of different material properties.

Monika is Project Chemist and supports the Thermoplastic Materials Team. She develops new recipes of polyethylene foams and coatings in order to fulfill market demands.

Besides, I constantly widen our corporate knowledge about process technology, raw materials and testing methods. For that I research constantly and also update our internal database.

Birgit works with the Testing Team. As Analytical Specialist for Product Testing she works on the development of new testing methods and helps to ensure the quality of Armacell products.

In addition to developing new methods, I constantly test raw materials and different products using the new methods that have been developed.

The three women do a great job in supporting the research and development of Armacell products. We are looking forward to continuously moving into the established direction of sustainability and innovation.