We celebrate the “International Women’s Day” 2016. Interview with Tasha Joyner, our SAP Master Data Administrator II for the AMERICAS

Tasha Joyner. SAP Master Data Administrator II at Armacell

Armacell: Tasha, thank you for this interview at the occasion of the “International Women’s Day” 2016. We would like to celebrate this  special day and tell thestory about your career within Armacell. For the start, please describe your career path in the company and tell us a little bit about your daily business.

Tasha J.:

I began working for Armacell in July 2014 as an Accounts Receivable Credit Analyst where I was responsible for interpreting and evaluating financial statements and payment profiles. I was promoted to SAP Master Data Administrator in May 2015 and later promoted to SAP Master Data Administrator II February 2016. I provide effective leadership and support of SAP activities to ensure Master Data is accurately maintained and internal auxiliary databases are up to date. Currently, I am in the process of training to learn the sales analysis functions for our Component Foams division, which includes margin analysis and rebate maintenance. At the moment, I am working on developing reporting that will assist in analyzing data to ensure the accuracy of the Master Data that is entered as well as incorporating uniform processes for entering Master Data.

My favorite thing about Armacell is the fact that I am surrounded by strong women with strong work ethics.

Armacell: That sounds great. You did accomplish so much in such a short period of time. How do you manage career and family?

Tasha J.: I have a 3 year old niece that I share a home with and absolutely adore. I manage career and family by establishing limits and boundaries to ensure both areas of my life are met as well as setting priorities and delegating when needed. I also surround myself with positive people, both work and at home, that are instrumental to my success.

Armacell: As a woman, what is your favorite thing about working at Armacell?
Tasha J.
: I believe Armacell values its employees. I have learned that hard work is often rewarded and definitely appreciated. My favorite thing about Armacell is the fact that I am surrounded by strong women with strong work ethics.

Armacell: What would you recommend young girls and women who would like to have a successful career?
Tasha J
.: Identify your strengths and weaknesses and be open to positive feedback. Choose a career that will complement highlight your strengths.

Armacell: Great answers. Thank you very much for your time and spontaneity. It has been great talking to you. Happy Women’s Day and all the best for the future!
Tasha J
.: Thank you for telling the story. I hope young women will feel inspired. Happy Women’s Day!