At Armacell we focus on creating sustainable value for our highly diversified global customer base. Our vision is to be the global leader in providing innovative, technical insulation solutions and components to conserve energy and make a difference around the world. We have a long track record of growth, superior profitability and cash generation orchestrated by a proven management team who have positioned Armacell to be recognised as the trusted partner in the energy conservation market.


By enabling energy efficiency for equipment we have become the global leader in flexible technical foams.

In an estimated €12 billion equipment insulation industry (for hot, cold and ambient temperatures), flexible foams have captured 10 % of the market and going forward there is ample potential for Armacell to grow: estimated organic growth rate of approximately 5 % in the insulation business, targeting total growth including M&A of approximately 10 %.


Armacell’s strategic development is at the heart of five global megatrends. Our exposure to a broad range of end markets together with our diversification across equipment verticals provide a vast spectrum of growth opportunities and make us resilient through economic cycles.


Growing public awareness of climate change has driven extensive political decision making in favour of increasing the use of renewable energies and avoiding energy waste. This megatrend is positively impacting our business and with changing energy and regulatory policies, opportunities are opening up for Armacell to grow shares across the entire application range.


Our world-class standards coupled with our pioneering technologies protect our market leadership. Armacell grows by providing energy-efficient solutions offering reliable, certified performance and extended lifetime. As a multi-materials and multi-product company, we expand into adjacent technical insulation sectors and continuously extend our temperature range and application horizon. We aim to increase our addressable market size from €6 billion today to €15 billion in future.


Armacell is a truly global company with 27 manufacturing facilities in 17 countries and sales offices in many more. With additional external growth of approximately 5 % p.a. Armacell will continue to pursue its M&A strategy in 2018 and beyond.


Our financial strategy drives dynamic growth. We exhibit a low capital intensity and high cash conversion with sufficiently flexible financing pillars to enable us to adapt to changing market conditions. Armacell’s continuous efforts to achieve world-class ensure optimal usage of raw materials, natural resources and energy, thereby safeguarding maximum operational efficiency and lowest production costs.