Armacell – From Pioneer to a Global Market Leader

Armacell, a world leader in flexible insulation foams for the equipment-insulation market, is also a leading provider of engineered foams. The company operates within two main businesses: Advanced Insulation and Engineered Foams. The Advanced Insulation business develops flexible insulation foam products for the insulation of mechanical equipment in markets where energy distribution is required such as HVAC, plumbing and refrigeration applications in residential and non-residential construction, as well as process lines in various industries and the international oil & gas business.

Insulation is an effective and cost-efficient way to improve energy efficiency in industrial, commercial and residential infrastructure. Armacell’s insulation materials are designed for both new and existing installations. The Engineered Foams business develops light foams for the use in a broad range of end-markets including transportation/automotive, wind energy, sports & leisure and construction.

Armacell holds the leading market position in every region in which it operates (Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Asia and India). Over the last 25 years, no significant competitor has entered the market. Complex production processes with a steep learning curve, proprietary product formulas, and strict quality controls protect Armacell’s leading position.  Armacell generated total net sales of approx. EUR 560 million in 2016.


A Global Leader in Energy Efficiency

In 1954, the pioneering company invented Armaflex, the first flexible insulation product. In doing so, it established a new branch of industry – flexible technical insulation – that it has been shaping ever since. Armaflex is now the world’s best-known brand for flexible technical insulation, and the brand name has become eponymous in the building materials industry.

The company has contributed greatly to the professionalisation of the sector and has set industry standards throughout the world. Armacell insulation materials are among the few products that save more energy than is used for their production: Armaflex saves 140 times more energy than is required for their production. They conserve valuable energy resources and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

In light of rising energy prices, stricter energy conservation laws and the rapid pace of climate change, Armacell believes that the insulation of building equipment and industrial installations will play an even more important role in future.


Innovative Solutions for Specific Demands

In addition to conventional thermal insulation materials to protect against heat and cold, the company today offers a wide range of covering systems, fire-protection and noise-control solutions, pre-insulated pipes, special insulation systems for applications in industry, and the accessories to match.

The products are used in a wide range of applications and are an integral part of everyday life. As water shields and gaskets, they are an essential part of a variety of modern car models, protect against noise pollution from sewer lines and are a central component of wind turbine blades. What's more, Armacell products increase the energy efficiency of industry and building equipment worldwide, including the air ducts in the Empire State Building.

In recent years, Armacell has also developed new insulation systems for the oil & gas industry – a key growth market for the Group – and low-smoke products that are setting new standards in the industry. Being a technology leader in flexible technical insulation materials, Armacell holds more than 200 active patents worldwide.


Global Presence, Local Focus

The successor company to Armstrong World Industries’ insulation products business was founded in 2000 following a management buyout. Armacell is a truly global company and is managed from its regional headquarters in Münster (Germany), Chapel Hill, North Carolina (USA) and Singapore.

Since regional trends drive product offerings, Armacell's products are customized at a local level to ensure that customers’ expectations and requirements in any given region are most effectively catered for.

Today, Armacell employs 3,000 people worldwide and follows a strategy of internationalisation with 25 manufacturing plants in 16 countries on four continents. With production facilities in the USA, China, Thailand, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Russia and now Denmark, Armacell has long been a pioneer in exploring new geographical markets and is focused on further growth in emerging markets.

In countries where the group does not have its own manufacturing facilities, sales offices and distributors extend the group’s reach to form a comprehensive sales network. The companies’ main markets are Europe (especially Germany), North America (in particular, the US) and Asia (with a focus on China and Korea).